Kyoto: Catch Your Zen In The Rock Gardens Of Kyoto

It is not uncommon for one to hear the name Kyoto having listened to of Tokyo, although they are merely the interchange of words, the experiences which these two cities offer is entirely contrasting. We believe Kyoto stands on a level with Tokyo and calling this one of the most famous tourist hotspots in the country would not be wrong. It is the main center point of many renowned religion sites in the country, and it has a vast number of cultural venues which one must see.

  • Spring Dances

When moving around the city, we suggest you look out for people who wear the geisha, which is a traditional form of Japanese clothing. If you visit the country during the months of the spring, that is, March, April or May, there are high chances that you will catch people wear this clothing and doing the spring dance.

  • The Rock Garden

This garden is not like the other gardens in Japan; this one doesn’t dry and does contain any alluring landscape too. But, the arrangement of sand and gravel along with the general environment in which it is built makes this an incredibly peaceful place to be in. If you are looking for some Zen, then this is the place to be in.

This shrine has more than 8000 gates, which are made of vermilion and it is one of the most popular places to be in the city. When you start the expedition along the trail, do make sure to halt in front of the Stones of Omak are which is situated at the entrance and ask for a wish. Also, it is said that depending on the ease and difficulty of lifting the stone, the hope that you asked for will be difficult or easy to achieve.


Kyoto is the places to be in the country. One can reach Kyoto directly either by train, road or flight from the capital city of Tokyo.