Nottingham: This Robin Hood City Could Be Your Dream Destination

If you happen to visit central England, do go to Nottingham. It’s famous for the Robin Hood legend and the Hilltop Museum of Nottingham Castle and interesting works in their art gallery. 

I explore a lot of museums, parks, markets in Nottingham that are worth giving a visit. The city has a lot of scenic views. 

Points of interest & landmarks

  • Lowdham Village Hall
  • The Market Square
  • Watson For the gill Head Office
  • HolmePierrepont Hall 


  • The Castle Museum & Art Gallery
  • Fletcher Gate Art Gallery
  • Nottingham Industrial Museum          

Places to visit 

From my personal experience, I recommend you my favorite spots from the city that is worth visiting.


  • The Market Square


It is the largest space for the public in the country and is the hub for tourism in Nottingham it is the first stop you will encounter while you get down to explore the city. 


  • Nottingham Castle


The castle in Nottingham is well-known for providing picturesque views of the town and it also houses the famous statue of Robin Hood. 


  • The Hub Of Caves


Nottingham is known for having a lot of caves, particularly under Mortimer’s hole that is located underneath the castle of Nottingham. 


  • Highfields Park


It is an amazing park with a lot of trees and plants spread throughout its 52-acre area. One can choose to either stroll around or go boating and walking. 


  • Robinhood – Sherwood Forest


It becomes my favorite spot in the city. Robin Hood Way is stretched 104 miles long. There are many attractions throughout the way related to the legendary Robin Hood. Another popular tourist place is the Sherwood Forest. 

Home of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood has everything worth visiting and exploring. The parks, valleys, food, history, culture, there’s everything to thrill your vacay.