Nuremberg – A Land Of Inspiring Destinations

Nuremberg is the 2nd largest city in the German state of Bavaria. The city has a political history that can be traced back to the 11th century.  Nuremberg was the center of Nazi rallies during the World War II. The place has lots of tourist attractions like parks, shopping destinations, specialty museums, medieval structures, and historic monuments. Even our week long stay was not enough to visit all the heritage sites in the city. Mentioned below are the most memorable sites we had been to.

  • St. Lorenz Church

The medieval church of St. Lorenz Church is the most visited tourist spot in the city. The construction of the Parish church took over 2 centuries and was completed in 1477. The entire structure illustrates the beauty of Gothic architecture during medieval times. The interior is quite stunning with an altar adorned with wooden carvings. The church building is quite huge and casts an aura of timeless glory. It was one of the most fascinating churches I have ever seen.

  • Nuremberg Zoo

The popular zoo is situated in the imperial forest regions of Southeast Nuremberg. The historic zoo was opened in the year 1912 and occupies around 170 acres of forest land. The zoo has over 300 species of wild animals on display. Besides animals, the zoo is known for its amazing landscapes, statues, and sculptures. There is a Dolphin Lagoon inside the zoo that exhibits lots of playful dolphins. Asiatic lions, polar bears, Siberian tigers, and snow leopards are some of the main attractions of the zoo.

  • Frauenkirche

Frauenkirche is yet another Parish church that dates back to 14th century. If you are an art lover, you should definitely visit the church. Here you can see a fine collection of medieval artworks like sculptures and carved structures. The 15th century Tucher Altar and sculptures by Adam Kraft are some of the main attractions. There is also a mechanical clock that represents the decree of the Golden Bull of 1356.