Pisa: Exploring The Place Where The Famous Leaning Tower Is Located

If you happen to be visiting places like the Florence and the Cinque Terre, and then don’t forget to visit the leaning tower of Pisa and the other attractions around Pisa. Well visiting Pisa is probably recommended after visiting Florence and Cinque as these two places are very close and would not require a lot of time and can be easily visited by boarding a train.

Considering you have taken a train to Pisa, you are supposed to come to the Pisa central train station which is about only a half hour walk distance to the leaning tower or if you are looking put to go even faster, taxis are there for your help.

When getting to the top, it’s not going to be a lot of steps and is just about 300 steps which would take half an hour time duration due to its spiral and inclined structure. Some people might feel a bit dizzy due to the same reason.

Always make sure you get your tickets in advance especially if it’s the peak season as this would help you to avoid any of those waiting lines as not having the pre-purchased tickets might make you fall for the risk of not being able to get on top of the tower on the day of the visit. The tickets generally cost around 18 Euros for each individual and it’s possible to purchase the tickets about twenty days earlier but it’s very important to note that the children who are under the age of eight are not allowed to climb the tower.

The other places to visit are Duomo, Battistero, Piazza Dei Miracoli, Camposanto, Muséedelle Simple, Muséenazionale Di San Matteo, and Palazzo Blue.

Was that enough to draw you for a small trip to this place?