Your Vacation Cannot Be Complete Without Kanazawa

Kanazawa which is located in the Ishikawa Prefecture is just a journey of around 150 minutes away from Tokyo and Osaka via the bullet train system. As soon as we landed in this city, we were reminded of the typical 20th-century landscape of a Japanese street, and we were mesmerized by the number of famous tourist hotspots throughout the town. We are sure that the number of days spent here is never going to be enough to explore it thoroughly.

The town is famous for the number of houses that are in ruins and streets which shops that have been running for decades and centuries. Apart from this, we explored some places, and they are:

It is one of the three magnificent gardens of the country, and this is also a private garden. This garden maintains its beauty throughout all seasons, and we enjoyed its landscape thoroughly during the springtime which we went.

  • Higashi Chaya District

It is one of those streets where one can find hundreds of old Japanese Tea houses where people have been traditionally using to socialize with others and discuss important things. We also explored the dotted handicraft stores and listened to the tunes of the traditional musical instruments of Japan as we walked through the street.


What is the weather in Kanazawa like?

Compared to the other cities in Japan, this one is cooler during all the times of the year. But do note that, in summer, temperatures can get grueling hot, and you will need a long sleeve of clothing to protect from the immense tan. And in winter, the city gets covered entirely with snow.


The Loop Bus and the Strolling Bus are the best means to get around in less money. The former connects significant parts of the city and districts whereas the latter is used for narrower connections.